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For forex traders, the term forex factory certainly is not foreign anymore, which is a leading portal website among forex traders in the online forex trading activities, with the website address is If the majority of traders only use the features of any fundamental news, beberapat other traders take advantage of the additional features that other to obtain important information about forex trading. Any features that attract them ?

Forex Factory

Features economic calendar is the most widely used at this forex portal website as easy to use. Traders can view showtimes economic news following the explanations and predictions made by a team of the website in question. On the economic calendar features the line, traders can do things like, for example, set the currency that is displayed, set the type of economic news in the form of speeches, inflation or central bank, and arrange any type of medium or high impact news

Display features are the economic calendar are:

  1. Information whenever a news item published (date and hour news)
  2. Type word whether in the form of high impact or medium impact. Kind of news high impact news is that a major impact on price movements in the money market, such as news about the increase in payroll in the country whose currency impact on financial markets, such as the United States, while news medium impact effect is not too big on the condition of the foreign currency market.
  3. For details you can access it by clicking on the details of related news. That way you will get information on how to read the news, news sources, the impact of the economic news, and others. Traders should access this column to learn a lot of things related to forex factory.
  4. Column forecast was predictive value of news that will be released with a previous column shows the predictive value of previously aired on the news, while the actual column shows the value of the latest news.
  5. Graph is a section on the website that shows the graph of a message that can be of additional information for your forex transactions on the market.
Additionally you can set the time the news to match the time in our country. The way you stay logged on this forex website then make arrangements to see in your user profile. You also possible to get a news program in the time period every day or every week on the menu located at the top right.

Market session

This feature helps you know the time and the money market session which was open and running active. Market session will help you determine what kind of strategy you want to apply to your trading activities. By opening website page you will be able to find hours and money market session.

While the market page, you can get general information about the financial markets. Information displayed on the market feature is the layout of the news release on the chart, charts, and so on. Page on the website is developed by our team of expert forex factory.

Trade Explorer

If you are looking for investors from abroad, then this feature is perfect for you because of your account information may be seen by traders who are active in the whole world. This feature can connect your trading account so that shows statistical information. This view is a simple version of the service or other forex website.

forex factory calendar can be used free of charge by the trader, but remember still uses financial management regularly even if you have taken advantage of the forecast economic calendar. One factor that could drive traders to the success of the transaction is the ability to predict market movements, although a bit difficult to understand the data presented by forex website, forex factory. There are special techniques that must be controlled so that the data can be easier for you to enter the market, waiting, or exit the market. 

There are several aspects that can help you in reading the direction and goals of market related news in fundamental calendar.

1. Information currencies to be released

On the calendar the forex websites you will be able to know the currency pair whose report will be published. Please pay attention for currency pairs that will be aired news because not all currency pairs will be published the news on that day. 

This information will help you to decide whether today you will transact containing curency currency by using volatilenya. You can also choose other currency pairs that technical analysis you are able to walk normally by avoiding transactions on the pair containing currency.

2. Impact

Impact or impact on forex factory calendar can be illustrated with colored symbols. The white color means there is no effect caused by a state bank holiday. The yellow color means that the influence on the market can be said to be small. Orange emblem shows that the impact on the secondary market, about 25 to 60 pips only. The red color in this feature means that the news will be a big impact on the market can even affect the price up to more than 160 pips. In general, more often wary traders on red emblem impact.

3. Time news

You can find a news release time to look at the clock on the right column. To turn it into a time Indonesia you can either click on an hour now and then set its time zone to be the time according to the market on your metatrader trading platform.

4. The previous news release

You can find previous columns on forex factory calendar in the right column, the value of which was released last month from a kind of news. This value can be used as a benchmark and comparison with the value of the latest news published officially.

5. Value forecast

Value estimates or also called value forecast is data predicted by the competent sources published prior to its official value. These sources are banks and economic analysts. The approximate value on some traders have simply become information market direction, and if they are good prospects did not hesitate to trade.

6. The actual value

What is meant by the actual value of the long-awaited on forex factory website is the release number of official agencies. But only in circumstances far from the figures that estimate could have a major impact move the market.
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