How To Play The Online Stock IQ Option ?

Online Binary Option industry has been growing rapidly compared to stock trading, the foreign currency market and many traders who love binary alternatives. The alternative is a "right" to buy or sell in the future at a certain period Key successfully transacting binary alternative is we shall be suitably read the movement of stock prices.  Therefore, traders can develop 60-80% greater capital in a single transaction if the prediction is correct or lose the investment that has been set if the prediction is wrong.

How To Play The Online Stock IQ Option ?

Why binary options is very popular?

Binary Options, also known as Digital Options. Famous binary options trading online, and since 2008 have been approved for listing on the American stock market derivatives, index and ETF. The reason why Binary Options referred to as binary for binary options trading is aimed at two possible outcomes; win some money or lose with which we have specified earlier.

Trading binary options give investors the opportunity shares or foreign currency to invest in stocks or forex with a smaller capital than the price / value of the actual stocks. In the financial markets in Asia binary option is the latest trading tools and innovative. Our company is the first company in Indonesia that gives you a comfortable platform with a view to dealing with binary options.

IQ Platform Option

Option IQ is the first binary options broker that provides the worldwide platform homemade modern and comfortable, this platform was developed by a group of leading traders, expert analysis and IT expert. This platform is very convenient for both experienced traders as well as to newcomers in the field of binary options. In classical binary options platform has a lot of assets (index, forex, stocks) and turbo option with a period of 60 seconds is very popular now.

On the list of existing assets Bitcoin Index which gives the opportunity to trade not only at certain times, but also at other times, even can be done during the holiday. IQ Option become very popular because of the development team responds to the desires of trader, namely :

Risk under control : A trader can determine the potential risk of data loss before the open option transactions. The profit rate and return can be arranged at any time.

Capabilities : The trader buys the contract but not an asset, with this allowing them to benefit from price movements predicted by them and more traders could benefit because they can penetrate the predictions highest price limit. For example, the purchase of 20 shares with the amount of 1000 dollars as an alternative way you can pay 20 dollars to purchase 20 Call binary options.

Advantages : In Option IQ level of profit in the deal could reach 90%, this is beyond the client's proposal. This advantage does not depend on the amount of investment and does not depend on the difference in the final price. If you make payments on direct asset may not get the same advantages.

Ease : Display easy to understand program not only for experienced traders but also for beginner traders. Provided support not only the telephone and the cabinet is personal but is also available online chat on the main page. Trader can get answers to their questions online, and this makes it easier trading platform for every trader.

Option IQ is the first company in this field which provides a free demo account is $ 1,000. Trader can practice before trading with real money by lowering the level of minimum deposit of up to $ 1 and raise the maximum benefit for a single transaction to 90% so that the trader can buy a binary option for all types of assets.

Phone Applications

Option trading with IQ becomes easier after emerging mobile version for IOS and Android. Clients with demo accounts and real accounts can use it. Applications can be found in the AppStore and Google Play. This application combines the preferences of the mobile version and function version of the web browser: interface designed modern, high speed for opening transactions, notifications, there is also a chance to participate in the tournament from the cell phone device.

Clients also get a chance to see the chart in the review and scaling. Also you can perform transactions with just one click, but also with gestures. Option IQ team considers that the continuous success always depends on personal relationships, therefore every client can be sure that they will get a personal consultation for all questions about trading with binary options.

Individual approach to every client generates a growth in popularity among traders and the number of our clients that continues to grow every month. After our company out onto the international stage (PNM market, Spain, Portugal, South America) platform we gain recognition as an international broker and the name of Option IQ is among the world leaders in the field of binary options.

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