What is Algorithm and Examples ?

Hallo friend www.librasbr.com on this occasion I will discuss a little bit about the algorithm.  what is algorithm ? Yes, algorithm is a step by step procedure for calculations. The algorithm used for the calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. But if when viewed from the origin he said, the word algorithm itself has a strange history. 

What is Algorithm and Examples ?

People just find the word algorism which means the process of counting with Arabic numerals. You said algorist If you tried wearing Arabic numbers. Language experts trying to find the origin of this word will be but the result was more than satisfactory

By definition what an algorithm? The algorithm is a logical order to solve a problem that is arranged in a systematic and logical ". Said logic is the key word in the algorithm. The algorithm should be logical and should be determined is false or true.

algorithm Examples :

1. Deciding Whether Such Numbers Odd or Even

Example of algorithm there were named told rounded numbers are 0, 1, -1, 2, etc. and the original number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Both types of these numbers are often used in counting. The set of integers in algebra textbooks usually expressed with the symbol "Z" as well as the original set of numbers is represented by the symbol "N".

2. Calculating the Area of a Circle Circumference

Example of algorithm the circle is a set of all points on the field in a certain distance and called the radius of a certain point and can be called the center point. The circle is an example of a simple closed curve, circle to be outside as well as in the field.

3. Featuring Odd Numbers Between 10 to 30

Algorithm Examples is an odd number are located between 10 and 30, 11,13,15, and so on. However, that will be shown except numbers 21 and 27.

4. Algorithms Leap year

There is also a leap year algorithm including algorithm examples. Leap year is a year that has an extra 1 day and serves so that the calendar can be synchronized with the seasons of the year as well as the state of astronomy.

In a simple programming, the algorithm is the first step that must be written before writing the program. Issues that could be ended by a computer algorithm is a question relating to mathematical calculations. Computer algorithms are often no mathematical problem that is very easy when using the written method, but quite difficult when translated into programming. If you find such a factor, then the algorithm and programming logic is really important to solve the problem.

Very often people ask what is the algorithm in computer ? The algorithm can be presented in two forms, namely writing alias language and form of photographs. Presentation of the algorithm in the form of written language alias required to use a language that can be understood by humans. 

Pseudocode is derived from the "pseudo" meaning "similar or nearly similar" and "code" that is "code". Examples of partial programming language that is often used for pseudocode mention among others: Pascal, BASIC, Pascal, C, and so forth. There is also a presentation of the algorithms in the form of photographs called flow chart.

If you want to learn more about the algorithm program you can buy a book algorithm Gramedia or bookstore. Algorithms book is very useful for you to learn programming, algorithms book usually sold at a price cheap enough. Maybe that's all I can say about the algorithm, may be useful for you all
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