What is Binary Options ?

Binary Options (BO) is a kind of concept of trading of the United States. Currently trading at Binary Options concept has been quite popular in Europe and almost the entire world, but since 2008 the regulatory agencies The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is only granted permission for a number of BO broker in the United States alone. However, What's that binary options ?

What is Binary Options

Trading Binary option is very easy, we do not need to learn different types of indicators and do not need to take stock of the day. Trading binary options can be done throughout the day. This is possible because the global market is open 24 hours, Here let us learn tutorial binary option trading. So no matter if you have a job because you can trade at any time. Do not worry about the initial capital for the minimum capital for trading binary option is $ 10.

Binary Options should not be alarmed investors for this type of investment is actually quite simple. Before you go in and make speculations with Binary trading Options, you should know that there are only two chances every time you make a trade, such as the name of this type of trading is binary or two circumstances. You have the opportunity to reap profits for which you have defined previously, or you will not get anything.

Investing in a fund that you specified earlier does not mean you buy these assets, whether stocks, commodities, forex or stock price index. When determining the amount of funds that would like to bet, you must also specify whether you want to enter in the option "Call" or when the "Put". A Call option expires "in the money" if the price of the asset is above the target price. 

This means that asset prices rise between the time when you invest and expired his time. Within be one hour, one day or the next week since you invest. Conversely a Put option expires "in the money" if the price of the asset is below the target price. This means that asset prices fall between the time when you invest and expired his time. 

Trade Binary Options

The term expires "in the money" means that you will get paid, or you make a profit. Return you will gain typically ranges from 65% to 81%, and this must to know before you invest. In the opposite case, the investor will not receive anything if the price of these assets was discharged time "out of the money".

Selecting timed boundaries

Binary Options Investors can select the expired time limits ranging from one hour, one day, one week and even month. The approach and analysis of the markets and trading strategies you use will determine the timing expired. If you are a short-term traders commonly use a time frame 5 minutes or 15 minutes then you will tend to choose the deadline expired that 1 hour.

But if you are a medium term trader or a long term then you will tend to choose the time limit expired one day. With a combination of trading analysis, you can open a position Call if you expect prices to rise, or if the position Put your forecast prices will fall.

Choose a broker that provides facilities Binary Options

Not all brokers providing trading facilities in a way Binary Options. Some brokers with these facilities also have rules different. You can see a brief description of some brokers who provide the facility of trading Binary Options

Trading with Binary Options concept could be applied to the stock market is called binary stock options, or forex market (forex binary options) and other types of markets. The future of how binary options trading is indeed uncertain. If the trend continues to rise, the number of devotees will certainly be more and more brokers providing trading facilities Binary Options.

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